Welcome to Luxcraft

With almost a decade of experience with hosting a friendly survival server, its time for a slight change in concept.

Tired of having to venture out way too far to find new generation after an update? But you dont want to lose all your gear because of a server reset?
From 1.15 on, Luxcraft introduces a world rotation system to keep your stuff accessible after a major update while still providing a fresh new world.

How does it work?

We will keep 3 smp worlds, each with a separate inventory, active at all times. Each major update, we will archive the oldest world and add a brand new world for you to explore. Item transfer from one world to another is available through a shared vault system that can be accessed at the spawn of each world.

The first and newest world will be the main spawn world. At first, the vaults will not be accessible until the ender dragon has been defeated for the first time. Defeating the ender dragon will not only unlock vaults for everyone in that world, but we will also reward the player who killed the dragon.

The second world will mainly act as a buffer between the newest and oldest worlds, players will be able to start transferring their gear or finish older projects and builds they were still working on. Players will also be able to submit their builds and projects for review, as the best builds from this world, will be copied to a Hall Of Fame world which will act as a timeline of previous worlds and notable events. The player with the best build of the world will be rewarded.

The third and oldest world, is where things really get fired up, not only will this world have PvP enabled, but all playerclaims will be removed and homes, tp, etc will be disabled. The whole world and everything left behind will be open to griefing and raiding to get leftover gear quickly. But be careful, because the only way to get stuff in and out of this world, is through the spawn.

Notable plugins/features we have:

Luxcraft Reborn concept

Rotational world system and rules:
Every major minecraft update, a new world is added, and the oldest world gets removed.  


Luxcraft common rules !

If you find or know of any player that violate these rules, you can report them on our website.
Evidence must be provided for our staff to be able to do anything about it

.. and remember!!

Have Fun !!